Montgomery County uses dump trucks heavily throughout the year for leaf collection and snow operations and roadwork, and delivery trucks to deliver beverage alcohol to wholesale and retail outlets.  Thanks to DOC and DPF installations in 41 dump trucks and 26 deliver trucks, the operations of these trucks – many in densely populated urban areas – are now much cleaner.  In addition, Montgomery County installed DPFs on five pieces of heavy equipment serving the Department of Liquor Control, Division of Highway Maintenance, and Division of Solid Waste Services and cleaning units and DPF monitoring panels in several locations.


  Installation on a Montgomery County vehicle
  Table of lifetime emission reductions for the Montgomery County Equipment Retrofits Project  

The use and application of emission reduction retrofit technology is not as well understood for nonroad engines as it is for the on-road sector.  Many nonroad engines may require custom retrofit installation.  The County's goal was to install DPFs on all possible nonroad equipment used by the Division of Solid Waste Services, but of the 26 candidates, 5 were found appropriate for DPF retrofit.

MARAMA supported this project with a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.


Total cost: $531,019 ($523,607 grant funded)