Our Mission

Reduce diesel emissions to protect public health throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.

About MDC

The Mid-Atlantic Diesel Collaborative is a partnership between leaders from federal, state, and local government, the private sector, and environmental groups in Delaware , Maryland , Virginia Pennsylvania , West Virginia and the District of Columbia. The Collaborative is part of an overall national campaign to reduce diesel emission.


Leverage resources and expertise to reduce diesel emissions to improve public health. Reduce diesel emissions to protect public health throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. Promote collaboration and coordination among projects within the Region. Raise awareness of activities underway and the need for additional diesel emission reduction projects in the Region.


Facilitate the education and awareness of key constituent groups in the Region about diesel pollution as a public health and quality of life issue, and ways to improve air quality.

Provide a forum for diverse stakeholders to exchange ideas to reduce diesel emissions in  the Region.
Implement projects throughout the Region by leveraging funds from a variety of sources to achieve measurable emissions reductions and create momentum for future diesel emission reductions.

Promote, review and publicly recognize voluntary projects and strategies in the Mid-Atlantic region that increase the availability and use of verified technologies, idling reduction technologies, emission reducing fuels, and employ practices and habits to reduce fuel consumption.

Encourage participation in the Collaborative.

Share information and expertise to facilitate administration of projects to reduce diesel emissions throughout the Region.