CSX Transportation (CSXT) repowered a switchyard locomotive (switcher) from a single model year 1984 engine to a multi-engine genset locomotive.  The locomotive which, prior to the repower operated with a single Tier 0 (pre-regulatory) engine, now operates with three smaller, cleaner non-road derived engines certified to EPA Tier 3 non-road standards.

  Picture of repowered CSXT switch locomotive
  Table of lifetime emission reductions and fuel savings for the CSXT Switch Locomotive Engine Repower  

The repower allows the locomotive to run more efficiently, which results in much lower annual emissions and significant diesel fuel savings. 

CSXT has committed to operating the repowered switch locomotive in and around the Baltimore non-attainment area, primarily at the CSXT Curtis Bay yard in Baltimore, MD, for a minimum of five years.  

MARAMA supported this project with a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  CSXT provided additional funding assistance.

Total cost:  $1,425,000 ($947,625 grant funded)