In replacing propulsion and auxiliary engines dating back to the Ford Administration in its tug Bering Sea, K-Sea Transportation Partners L.P. is providing emission reduction benefits to ports and the residential and commercial areas surrounding them that experience disproportionate air pollution impacts from marine vessels. Over the project period, K-Sea procured and installed two new propulsion engines and two new auxiliary engines, all model-year 2011, EPA Tier II, to replace the model year 1975 pre-regulation engines.

  Picture of K-Sea tug

 Table of lifetime emission reductions for the K-Sea Transportation Partners Tug Repower


K-Sea's conservative scheduling of 14 months for the project permitted flexibility in scheduling the engine replacements at a time that was least disruptive to operations and allowed the project to remain on schedule despite the installation delay caused by Hurricane Irene in late August 2011 and the flooding after-effects in September.

K-Sea expects the Bering Sea's operations to be approximately 50% in the Philadephia area, 25% in the upper Chesapeake Bay, and 25% in the Hampton Roads area.

MARAMA supported this project with a DERA grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection (EPA).  K-Sea Transportation Partners L.P. provided additional funding assistance.


Total cost: $1,145,393 ($486,800 grant funded)